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About Me

Born in 1990. Raised in a small town in Iowa. Been hard at work since 2012. 


I’m Sarah Mulford — a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on print layout, social media, & logo design.


Art, web design, graphic design, social media design, photography, typography,

print can I choose just one? My wide interests mean I’m never bored, simply

the way I like it. I’m constantly striving to improve my techniques, expand my skill-set and find

new opportunities to grow. Currently owning & designing freelance through Mulford Designs.

Also working as a Project Based Graphic Designer for The Ignite Team. 

A glimpse of me during my free time — I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, really anything

in the great outdoors. In my time not spent outdoors

I enjoy spending time with friends, family, & my two cats.

I love a good cup of coffee, cooking delicious food, and leisure reading.


Skill Set


Team Player

Quick Learner

Deadline Driven

Logo Design 

Web Design



Magazine Layout

Newspaper Layout

Mac & PC Platforms

Adobe Creative Suite

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