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the work Sarah

I graduated in 2012 with my BA in Graphic Technologies with an unrealistic idea of what the design world was going to look like. As it turns out, businesses weren’t just throwing themselves at me, begging for my services, and so here it was - Welcome to the world of hustle and grind.

I started out spending several years designing real estate marketing for my brother, Clayton and the IGNITE team in the Omaha, Nebraska area. As I worked closely with him and his team, I began to recognize something that would eventually be the backbone of Mulford Designs today - small businesses supporting other small businesses.

In 2016 I accepted my first graphics job as a newspaper designer, and oh I fell in love. I’ve always had a knack for layout and typography and the newspaper allowed these two skills to flourish. Through the years the print industry slowly started to change and in 2019 we, like many other small newspaper companies, got bought out by a larger corporation and things changed. I no longer felt the same joy I had been, so I made the transition — goodbye corporate word, hello small business owner.

In 2019 Mulford Designs was officially created and over the years I’ve held numerous types of design clients - so much so I’ve now been able to find my true niche. I’m here to help other small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits achieve their goals through marketing and design. I put a high focus on logo creation, social media graphics, and content writing.

As I enter into my fifth year owning this business, I am so grateful for the companies that I have had the opportunity to work with along the way. The design world continues to grow and I strive to grow alongside it.


the hippie Sarah

For the hippie Sarah, behind the scenes, I like in St. Paul – Minnesota with my wife Jess and our two cats, Oliver & Tej. I've lived in Minnesota for 10+ years but was born and raised in Iowa. 

I enjoy spending my extra time exploring state parks with Jess, doing all things nature related; tent camping, hiking, kayaking, snow shoeing, etc. I attempt to try spontaneous hobbies like gardening, sewing, DIY wood projects, etc. I'm a bluegrass/folk lover at heart and enjoy the occasional current pop jam. 

Together Jess and I love spending our time reading books inside bars, trying new cocktails, cooking new recipes, and finding our next thrift store find. 

I'm so thankful that I get to do what I've come to love every day. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you. 

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